Last 10 WindLogs

10/16/2017 (84th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS, '14 JP 93 FWP         Sail: '17 EZZY 4.7 ELITE, '17 EZZY 5.8 ZETA

084 - Another cold front, got out just as it peaked  Chased it with 4.7 small and large board, then 5.8 with large board.  Out and back to the mud spoils and North Cabins, holes in the middle and lots of up/down. 

10/16/2017 (2nd this year)
Alissa @ Port Aransas, TX

Board: Angulo Triumph 81         Sail: 5.2 Worldsail Surge '12

After missing the entire last wave season and the first two fronts of this year, today was especially sweet! Awesome, smooth waves. The kind you can catch near the jetty and link together all the way to the pier on a good run. I lasted nearly an hour and then started losing grip on the boom because my hands are out of practice. So now I know what to work on when I can't get on the water. Surprisingly, the rest of my sailing didn't feel rusty and the rest of my muscles felt fine. I felt like I never stopped. I was turning where I wanted to on the wave and making my tacks and jibes. I slid out on my fin a few times...oops. Wish I had brought my little board. I also really need to find where I stored my wetsuits. I got cold. Gordon made it down just in time for the front! He loaned me a top. Matt, Mike, Larry, also came out, and I wish I'd known that Vanessa and Chris were sailing with Olivier further up the beach to learn the waves, because I didn't recognize them and would have gone to say hi.

Above all, though, it was sad seeing how destroyed the town still is. Despite the fun day it felt sad driving through the destruction.   

10/15/2017 (49th this year)
Mark @ Windy Point

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125         Sail: 6.3 Severne Freek

So happy to be sailing my freestyle board again. Waterstarting, gybing, tacking, and the thrill of simply planing with both feet in the straps. It feels so good. I did try a little freestyle, but I am not there yet. Slowly clawing my way back from my Lisfranc injury.

101517 from Mark 1426 on Vimeo.

10/10/2017 (48th this year)
Mark @ Windy Point

Board: Fanatic Falcon TE 138         Sail: 7.5 Severne NCX

One footed flatwater freeride! I am very happy to windsurf again, but I am currently not confident to stick my hurt foot in a footstrap yet. Hopefully soon!

101017 from Mark 1426 on Vimeo.

10/09/2017 (83rd this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 5.8 ZETA

083 - Rigged for but missed the early peak and need a bigger sail. Just BAF on the sandbar in waist deep flat water and occasional short gusts.  Unfortunately, more holes than gusts.  Cold front due about noon. 

10/07/2017 (64th this year)
Laura @ Arlington Port, OR

Board: '? RRD Wavetwin 66         Sail: '11 Naish Force 3.4

It's always exciting to sail a new venue. The swell was fun...not huge, but fun. Lots of jumping :)

10/07/2017 (54th this year)
Buck McRockbuff @ Arlington Port, OR

Board: '? RRD WaveTwin 66         Sail: '13 Combat HD 3.7

We decided to take the plunge and drive the 76 miles and were greatly rewarded. Second session could have been on the 3.2. First time sailing here.

10/06/2017 (63rd this year)
Laura @ Doug's Beach, WA

Board: '09 RRD Wavetwin 74         Sail: '11 Naish Force 3.4

Turn left to Swell or turn right to Doug's. Such hard decisions!! I had packed the car with gear for Swell which was less wind, but the car turned right and I was rewarded with strong, fun wind! I remembered to try DW360s on the swell and made one! 

10/04/2017 (82nd this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 5.8 ZETA

082 - A little more tropical flow out to the North Spoil and back.  Knee deep over the Horshoe Spoil crossing several ways and circumnavigated it several times.  Also made a bunch of runs through the no boat cut and out to the weather station.  After a brief slow start it filled in well enough to keep moving with only small holes.  

10/03/2017 (81st this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 6.4 ZETA

081 - Tropical wave with thick air, very high water and scattered rain.  Stayed way up on the sandbar both ways between Lookout Point and the north end.  In spite of holes/lulls the super flat water and gusts made it work.  Started out rigged at max eventually changing to medium. Last run in was 27+ peak of the day followed by rain turning the wind off.