Last 10 WindLogs

01/19/2019 (1st this year)
Mike C @ Boca Chica

Board: Goya Quad 84         Sail: 4.4 S1 Pro

One of these kinda days:

01/18/2019 (1st this year)
Mark @ Windy Point

Board: Slingshot Wizard 125         Sail: 6.3 Severne S-1

I guess I am now a local Slinger. My first session with the normal 90cm mast. I like it better. I never surfaced the foil and had some crazy long silent flights. I was joined on the water for a little by two kite foilers. They were able to get going much quicker than I was. I think the 6.3m2 was a mistake. I think I probably would have got on the foil just as fast with the 5.9m2. I rigged the 6.3 with hardly any downhaul too, and that made it stall early as well as it was hard to bleed the power in the gusts. The wind was very gusty toward the end of the session. I mainly sailed with my feet out of the footstraps, but one time I had the front foot in and a big gust hit me. I started to accellerate really really fast and was overpowered. I kept accellerating and the board was lifting higher and higher despite my putting maximum MFP. Finally, I just had to hit the eject button and push the board and rig away as it jetted out of the water. That was pretty intense.

01/06/2019 (1st this year)

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 6.4 ZETA

001 - First was a couple of round trips to the high bridge.  Holes inside so stayed out between the spoil and bridge. It was consistent, smooth and very shallow.  Long slough back as it began to drop.

12/31/2018 (51st this year)
Mark @

Board: Happy         Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! 

This is just my personal statistical analysis and summary of my windsurfing year for me to reflect on later. I have found it helpful to look back at past year end summaries to gain some perspective on how the wind was for that year and where my sailing is now relative to the past.

50 sessions this year, the majority (more than half) in Corpus Christi. Will the Slingshot change this in 2019? Not one day of wavesailing this year. Two trips, one to NC and another one to OR. About 40 percent were in high wind (20+), which is not bad at all. New move this year was the donkey jibe. No major injury thankfully (I cut way back on my vulcan attempts). Notable sessions this year were my first foil session (with wind), and windSUPing the inlet coves of the Pamlico Sound on a gorgeous spring day.

Peace and more love for each other. I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2019.

12/28/2018 (50th this year)
Mark @ BIB

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125, Slingshot Wizard 125         Sail: 5.9 Severne Freek

3 days straight on the water! Freestyle and foiling. I am using both footstraps now and had a few better jibes on the foil. I still do not know what I am doing, but I am getting more comfortable.

3 Days of Wind from Mark 1426 on Vimeo.

12/27/2018 (49th this year)
Mark @ BIB

Board: Slingshot Wizard 125         Sail: 5.9 Severne Freek

Fantastic foiling, making something out of nothing. I can jibe 20% of the time now.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 3.26.54 PM

12/26/2018 (48th this year)
Mark @ BIB

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125         Sail: 5.2 Severne S-1 Pro

Really good gusty wind. Overcast with some rain clouds, but warm. Only one other person and a couple of campers. My 5.2 S1 Pro was a perfect sail choice today.

12/25/2018 (22nd this year)
Buck McShreddyShred @ Mt Hood Meadows, OR

Board: The Other Burton         Sail:

Cascade opened at 11 after a week of being closed and feets of snow. Fresh powder off of Cascade for 3 runs, then on over to Heather which opened a little bit later, for the first time this year. Seriously good sunshine powder day.

2 or 3 unlogged snow seshs since the last entry.

12/25/2018 (96th this year)

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 5.8 ZETA

096 - Had to tack a few times before clearing the outside spoil island.  Once there it was BAF to Pita Island.  Steady power, smooth water, long runs and maybe more tomorrow.  "The clouds never hung so low before", It Makes No Difference, The Band.

12/22/2018 (95th this year)

Board: '14 JP 111 FSW FWS         Sail: '17 EZZY 6.4 ZETA

095 - Straignt out to the IWC and back. Very low water level made several places look like crash zones but never hit bottom.  Water very smooth and outside was strongest,  Peaked while rigging, dropped a bit then came up and down again.