Last 10 WindLogs

04/24/2019 (10th this year)
Mark @ BIB

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125         Sail: 6.2 Avanti Echo

A brief period of 20mph felt so good, but not the 20-30mph forecasted. I should have brought the foil.

04/22/2019 (5th this year)
Buck McRockbuff @ Hatchery, WA

Board: '19 Slingshot 103 Wizard         Sail: '12 Naish Boxer 4.0

Still can't get this new board flying properly, even with the mast back to the middle. Fought the current multiple times to make it back to the launch, and finally made it. Meanwhile, Ethan and JP were having no problems on the '18 105.

04/22/2019 (21st this year)

Board: '19 JP 113 FWP         Sail: '19 EZZY 5.8 ZETA

021 - Lots of East so it took half dozen tacks to clear the outside spoil.  Solo to the bridge and back to the marina channel, with one return above Pita Island and down the shoreline  a couple miles.  Overall enough power outside and for a long session.   

04/21/2019 (2nd this year)
Laura @ The Hatch, WA

Board: Fanatic Quad 81         Sail: '11 Naish Force 3.4

I am overwhelmed with how lucky I am to live in such an amazing place. Many people came up to enjoy the mountain, fellow employees were making mountain biking plans for the afternoon and I headed home to enjoy the river!! Where else is that possible!!?!

04/21/2019 (4th this year)
Buck McRockbuff @ Hatchery, WA

Board: '16 JP Freestyle 85, '? RRD WaveTwin 66         Sail: '13 Combat HD 3.7

First on the McSlashy, but it wasn't steady like yesterday, so traded it in for the freestyle board. 

Early season at the point is a complete sausage fest. Thankfully today, Laura and then Roxanne broke the firm grip of the sausages.

04/21/2019 (10th this year)
Alissa @ University Beach, TX

Board: Angulo Triumph 81         Sail: 4.6 S2 Dragon '18

Surprise Easter sesh! This is the closest launch to me, and I haven't sailed it since 2011! Kinda crazy, but for bay sailing I prefer the bigger swells and higher number of windsurfers at Cole Park, so I gravitate there. But Vanessa and Chris were going, and Terry, Monica, Olivier, and another couple were there. First bay sesh of the year, and I worked on my duck jibes on swell. I also got a powered-up push tack that felt really fun and controlled. The girls played at the beach and we saw a skunk in the rocks. I lost my crank tool yesterday at Bird, so I guess I need to order one because I suck at hand downhauling. So I don't know if it was my rigging or that it was my first time using the Dragons in the bay, but wow, I got a lot of lift off of my jumps. Like kept going up a couple times when I expected to go down. Not sure if that's good or bad. Maybe good? TBD...

04/21/2019 (20th this year)

Board: '14 JP 93 FWP         Sail: '19 EZZY 4.7 ELITE

020 - Out past the spoil and to the bridge, fairly smooth, more gusts than holes.  Consistent power rigged at max.

04/21/2019 (15th this year)
Mike C @ Oleander

Board: Goya Quad 84         Sail: 4.0

Strong wind! Solid 4.0. But then it got a bit holey and it was more like 4.4 weather.

A long long time ago in a land far away when I was first trying to loop someone told me that you could measure your progress by how far down your body the bruising was. Head - you were a danger to yourself. Upper thigh - getting there. Calf - almost perfect. Well I just sat down and my butt cheeks are stinging! Clearly I have some work to do.

04/21/2019 (9th this year)
Mark @ Windy Point

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125         Sail: 6.2 Avanti Echo

As unexpectedly good was Friday's wind, today's wind was unexpectedly not good (as forecasted ). Windy Point was as crowded as I have ever seen it today. I am glad I got there early enough to get a parking spot.

04/20/2019 (9th this year)
Alissa @ Bird Island, TX

Board: Angulo Triumph 81         Sail: 5.2 S2 Dragon '18

I got to meet the legendary Kevin Pritchard, and also got to try Gordon's foil gear - a 4.7 sail and frankenboard. I started by crashing a lot throughout the first 2-3 runs, then had an instance of being able to recover before crashing, and that was the breakthrough. I was using Kevin's advice of leaning forward to control it. I didn't want to keep Gordon from his gear, but he thought I was getting it and encouraged me to try again, and over the next couple runs I did get riding in the air. It was fun feeling that full-body mental/physical engagement feeling of learning something, and reward of having it click. I never did figure out the harness, and his lines were actually too long for me anyway, so after that my arms were ready for a break. Chad had me do one more run after I was tired to take photos, and my arms were shaking but we did a quick out and back and it was fun to get photos. After a little break I went out for a LWF sesh on my wave gear and felt good! I have not practiced in quite a while, but I guess muscle memory helped. A nice couple visiting from NJ were also out freestyling.