Mike Murphy's WindLog for Friday May 01, 2009 , 1:00p - 5:00p

62nd session in 2009
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the SSE (mph)
        Lulls: 20
        Average: 25
        Gusts: 31
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: 246 JP FSW FWS
Fin: 9.25" FREE WEED
Suit: NONE
Water Temperature: 83 F
Air Temperature: 83 F

062 - Sunny and windy afternoon going from shifty/gusty and building to good power then a drop making the inside more inconsistent.  BAF to SI#1, across the IWC at SI#2 and to the north end late.  Highlight of the first out was missing a high jump in very big swell in the IWC.  Second out was all shoreline between Lookout Point and the north end where there some big gusts and flat water.