Mike Murphy's WindLog for Monday July 20, 2009 , 1:00p - 5:00p

111th session in 2009
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Lulls: 23
        Average: 28
        Gusts: 33
Rated a 9 of 10

Board: 246 JP FSW FWS
Fin: 11.0" WEED
Suit: NONE
Water Temperature: 92 F
Air Temperature: 92 F

111 - Much bigger than forecast with some small holes, some big gusts and lots of chop.  Mostly out to SI#1 and some to SI#2.  The drop-off was working but was only fast in the gusts.  Otherwise fast planing and good power everywhere.

Planned to start testng the 5.8 Fr ee Wave and Wave Panther back to back for similarities and differences for Jeff at Ezzy.  Rigged both the same, medium outhaul @176 and dowhaul @446 for the first trip out and back to SI#1 on the FW.  It was quickly obvious that even with maxium settings the 5.8 would still be totally wrong for the conditions.  Went ahead with a second round trip with FW maxed downhaul and outhaul at still at the medium settings. Repeated the two runs with the WP at the same settings.  Being mostly overpowered and only a coulple of jibes didn't make for much of a test.  The WP felt slightly lighter but both were overpowered and would still have been overpowered even rigged at the maximum settings.