Mike Murphy's WindLog for Saturday October 31, 2009 , 2:00p - 3:00p

153rd session in 2009
Sailed at PI CANALS
Wind from the NNW (mph)
        Lulls: 8
        Average: 10
        Gusts: 12
Rated a 9 of 10

Water Temperature: 70 F
Air Temperature: 70 F

153 - Spooktacular Halloween version for the 6th sorta annual CCWA Corpus Christi Canal Crawl Circumnavigation with six participants and very light winds.  Not much doubt about the minimal wind forecast but there was doubt about going forward.  Arrived at the launch to find three first timers rigging 7.5-8.3 sails and it started looking doable.  Fell in 3 times and dropped the sail once following Dave who was flawless in placing first (4.1 miles in 50 minutes on WOD and 6.0 sail).  My opening was at the first turn when Chip did a sail 360 and ended up knocking Frank off his board while I was able to just get by upwind of the pile-up.  Overall the wind direction and high water level made the wind fairly consistent through most of the course.  Turned out to be fun as usual and good to have some newbies to make up for a few who couldn't make it again this year.   

The winners'  GPS tracks in 2009 were the same as 2007.