Mike Murphy's WindLog for Saturday January 08, 2011

1st session in 2011
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the ENE (mph)
        Lulls: 19
        Average: 23
        Gusts: 28
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: 240 JP 92 L FSW PRO
Fin: 9.0" WEED
Water Temperature: 68 F
Air Temperature: 62 F

001 - Nice cool and cloudy one but without the forecast rain.  Tack was out between the North Cabins and boat ramp channel, fairly consistent outside but small holes inside.  Worked up to the north end but the inside was still weak.  Decided to go to the north basin as it looked filled-in.  Tacked through the no boat cut-off and worked up to the cut that goes to the spoil with the big trees in half dozen round trips.  It was consistent in and outside but shallow out by the spoils.   Returned in two downwind runs, a couple of tacks back out then around the Horseshoe Spoil.  Still had power outside but not enough close to shore, the 18 RVs didn't help that at all.  Great to see Edda/Wilf and Jose again, forgot how early some get here.  Stayed warm to hot until taking break, then got cool and left to watch football but it was still blowing.