Mike Murphy's WindLog for Friday September 26, 2014 , 11:00p - 5:00p

101st session in 2014
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the NE (mph)
        Lulls: 17
        Average: 22
        Gusts: 27
Rated a 6 of 10

Sail: 5.2 EZZY TIGER
Fin: 10" FREE WEED
Water Temperature: 79 F
Air Temperature: 78 F

101 - Tried to find the elusive wind for three of the last four days with little success. All had big rain possibilities but it only rained at night until today. It  looked great at first, but after a few runs it started raining and looked like possible thunder. Waited it out on shore and when the rain stopped the wind picked up enough to plane for awhile. After about an hour it rained hard and continued for the rest of the afternoon.