Buck McShreddyShred's WindLog for Wednesday January 15, 2020

5th session in 2020
Sailed at Mt Hood Meadows, OR
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Burton

Took L on my favorite tree run. Cruise on in this side of Forest Park, then eventually cross FP to that side of it. Then slip on into the next batch of trees, shred it, and exit on the HoneySuckler runout.

Take this for a bit, then slide softly into the Fright Trees, which I had never been in because I didn't want to be in a double black with trees alone, all by myself. Plus, I had just only "discovered" this area a couple sessions ago. All was happy, fun and festive in there, but the slope kept getting steeper and steeper until we eventually came upon the most frightening drop I've ever encountered. Sure there was 15" of light fluffy new pow, which will make a hero out of anyone, but the drop was frightening enough that we decided to hike back up and around it until we could exit out the side onto Tamarack. This was quite the workout. There were times when I took a step and my foot would sink and sink and sink, seemingly forever. The only thing that saved me in this situation was the broad surface area of the crotch.

The broad crotch saved my life today. wink