Mark's WindLog for Sunday November 29, 2020 , 12:30p - 3:30p

39th session in 2020
Sailed at Windy Point
Wind from the NNW (mph)
        Lulls: 10
        Average: 17
        Gusts: 28
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: Starboard Foil-X 145
Sail: 5.6 Severne S-1 Pro
Suit: O'Neil Psycho Tech 3/2
Water Temperature: 65 F
Air Temperature: 55 F

I feel I am starting to gel with my new foil. I like how fast and quiet it is. It takes a different stance and technique than my previous HG set-up. More upright and further back on the board. I am tempted to take my back footstraps off, but the straps give me an idea where my back foot is. If they were gone, I am worried my back foot might slide off the tail of the board at an inopportune time. I really like foiling with the 5.6 S1 Pro, always have. It is my favorite foil rig, but it needs good wind. I will be interested to try my new 2400 wing next marginal day. Maybe I can get away with just the 5.6m2?