Alissa's WindLog for Tuesday March 16, 2021

6th session in 2021
Sailed at Bird Island, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 15
Rated a 10 of 10

Sail: 5.3 Naish Wing Surfer
Suit: shorty

Suddenly I know how to wing foil! On a beginner level, at least. I got on this board and was just up and riding pretty stably as long as I wanted, at least in one direction. I turned back and it took me a couple of runs to figure starboard out, but now the two sides are about equal. The difference was 100% the board. The old board had those slick deck spots that kept me from standing where I needed to, which took me many sessions to figure out because I didn't know how the sport worked. Having a good spot to stand also got me planing in much less wind than I was needing before, so my plan of having the 5.3 for lighter-than-windsurf-planing wind is now making sense again. There were no weeds and the spring visitors are starting to come, so that was fun.

I got to ride with and meet Nina, and I'm grateful to her (and the time change) for getting me out.