Mark's WindLog for Wednesday March 02, 2005

1st session in 2005
Sailed at Austin,TX
Rated a 1 of 10

Intro: I have been windsurfing since teak booms and McKibbon Sails. I have seen gear really evolve through the years, and I have seen the sport grow and dwindle. I have not logged much TOW, despite the years, and my skills today are not as good as they once were LONG ago. My body is bigger and heavier, and I am less tuned into my gear because of my lack of TOW. The reason for doing a windlog is the inspiration I have gotten from two of the participants in this journal site. Hans and Brian. These guys have really committed themselves to getting better, and it has been fun to read about their progress. Brian is a local here, although he now has a NPI address. I have seen some of his progress first hand. Hans, I have not really met with, but his internet presence is strong. He was a frequent poster to rec.windsurfing, and his Windsurfing Radio site was fresh and innovative. In following the sport as a fan, my favorite publication was Sailboarder magazine that was edited by Angus Chater. But surprisingly, 2 of my top 3 favorite windsurfing articles have now come from the internet, and one from Hans. His interview of David Ezzy was awesome. So this Blog is for me to help motivate me to get on the water more. I now have the gear, it is time to carve out the time. Many of the posters have moved on to an advanced intermediate perspective which is great, but someone has to speak up for those earlier challenges. Plus, I have 3 kids under the age of 10, and I will try to shed some insight to the struggle of inspiring one of them to eventually evolve into a windsurfing buddy since the wife has no desire to learn. We will see what happens...