Mark's WindLog for Saturday March 12, 2005 , 3:00p - 6:00p

2nd session in 2005
Sailed at Windy Point
Wind from the SW (mph)
        Lulls: 8
        Average: 10
        Gusts: 15
Rated a 3 of 10

Board: F175
Sail: 8.0 Gaastra GTX
Fin: Curtis 70cm
Suit: O'Neill 3/2 Evolution
Water Temperature: 60 F
Air Temperature: 80 F

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I had to get up early and help my father-in-law with moving some furniture, then I had to go to my daughter's parent-teacher conference @ 10 am. So, I had some time to kill in-between. We have a dead patch of grass in the front lawn, where we had a tree removed. I saw this twig of a tree starting to grow up through the rotten grass. I could tell it was from an old root. So I started digging, next thing you know I am digging up the old huge tree stump with a pick axe. That was a total work out and I got my early season hand blisters before I even hit the water! I messed up my back, and then the winds started to hit. I went to the conference, hit a hot shower to try to relax the back, and begged the wife for a massage of the strained trapezius muscle. It was starting to get late. I saw the forecast for tomorrow was not as good, and said screw it, and started loading up the van. Got to the lake, there was wind, but most people coming in were disappointed. I was told to rig big. I was looking forward to trying my new C145, but the wind was dying. I thought I would stay optimistic and rig the 8.0 and go out first on the F175 and check things out first and later hopefully swap boards. I used my big fin since I was on the little sail for the F175. Bad combo! I could not get any lift out of fin. It felt like the fin was in backwards. I was fighting the sail in the few puffs, but could not get back in the straps with out it coming off a plane. It felt awful, I fought to stay up wind. It was wacked! Never got to get on the C145. I also did not feel I had time to change rigs, and just suffered though it. On the positive side, My new wetsuit is Awesome!!! The new super stretchy neoprene is amazing and seams are now pretty much water tight. I did not fall in, so it was not a real test, but I waded out to chest high on the boat ramp to water start. Super comfortable. We will see how it holds up, and I will put it though more of a work out soon in Hatteras. The day was beautiful, and the park was packed. The Ranger was grumpy and was giving out citations on the boat ramp. Fortunately, he cut me some slack and I moved my van in time. PSB: None. Ozarka. Miller was in C.C.