Alissa's WindLog for Saturday April 16, 2005

33rd session in 2005
Sailed at Bird Island, TX
Wind from the E (mph)
        Average: 19
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP freestyle wave 78L
Sail: 5.2 Ezzy wave
Fin: JP fin
Suit: rash guard and pants

33 I had an overall great day and made some real progress in the backwind jibe. I've been able to jump to backwinded while still planing, but only today did I start to get the board to really turn downwind. I did it by keeping my front foot a bit more forward and a bit more pressure on both heels. I still have a lot to learn, but I made a few and I think before long I'll have the board turning earlier. The only drawback was that in this wind direction people tend to sail really bunched up. At my old beach we had a loose guideline--keep at least a mast length away from anyone else, preferably more. Not to mention basic courtesy right of way. I could do without people bearing down from upwind or cutting me off on port.