Mark's WindLog for Saturday November 05, 2005 , 10:30p - 3:00p

20th session in 2005
Sailed at Windy Point
Wind from the S (mph)
        Lulls: 5
        Average: 12
        Gusts: 28
Rated a 9 of 10

Board: C145
Sail: 8.0 Gaastra GTX
Fin: Drake Freeride 52cm
Suit: Boardshorts
Water Temperature: 75 F
Air Temperature: 88 F

I looked at intellicast this week which showed 15mph @ noon today then dying off. iwindsurf showed wind @ 10am to 2pm. I was hoping it was true. Well, I got to Windy Point @ 11am and it was white-capping. I rigged the C145 with a 8.0m2 and it was blissful. It lasted 45 minutes but it was great. Then it backed down. I rigged the F175 and the 10.9m2 and enjoyed the weather the rest of the day. Drove the Kombi, and it ran like a champ. This is the reason I live in Texas. It is November and the water is 75F and the air is 88F. We should be freezing our ass off, but instead it was gorgeous. Then I went and ate Fajitas and drank Frozen margaritas at Enchiladas y Mas that evening. I love Texas.