Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Sunday April 23, 2006

32nd session in 2006
Sailed at Windy Point, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 14
Rated a 6 of 10

Board: Starboard Trance 94l
Sail: Ezzy Wave 5.2

More Gecko Flakaging attempts. Can't sink the nose with the mast anywhere but all the way forward. L got some video of it. Still at step 6 in the Gecko Demystification Program. Made L do some drills on the beginner board that are really going to help her fast tacks on the wave board. One is the Austin Powers Getaway Cart in the Skinny Hallway Drill, and the other one doesn't have a good name...it's just deliberately going backwinded on every tack attempt, just to wire it into your brain that that's an available and often necessary option when tacking. I think she's got it wired now. Hauled out the beginner board for John & Dawn. PSB: Bridgeport ESB PSG: Popcorn and apples w/peanut butter