Mark's WindLog for Sunday May 07, 2006 , 1:00p - 4:30p

10th session in 2006
Sailed at Canadian Hole
Max Speed 30 mph
Wind from the NE (mph)
        Lulls: 15
        Average: 20
        Gusts: 25
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: Mistral Screamer 115
Sail: 7.0 North Natural
Fin: Orca Weed 34cm
Suit: O'Neill 3/2 Evolution
Air Temperature: 65 F

After AA left us stranded at DFW at the Ramada roach motel, we finally made it to Hatteras late Saturday. So I went to Windsurfing Hatteras when it opened at 9am today. I picked up a '06 115 liter Mistral Screamer. Sails are '05s, but in good condition, Booms are a little trashy, but work fine. $200 for the week, not bad. I did family stuff, finished the lease at the realtor, and finally drove to Avon again after lunch. Overcast, but seemed warm. Northeast breeze @20mph. I chose to rig big, 7.0m2. Initially was getting some spinout, so I came in and moved the mast base forward, and added a little downhaul. Harness lines were a tiny bit short, so I lowered the boom a little too. It then felt really good. I was motoring pretty well, and was comfortable. I had some good speed runs. I wore the etrex. I had a max speed of 30 mph. Most of time in the 20's. I got a few good chop hops. Unfortunately, I was showing off a little too much and did a number on my left big toe. It somehow got stuck in the strap during a wipe out after a hop and crash. I thought I broke it at first, but later it felt better. When I awoke today, Monday, it felt pretty sore. Not sure what I did to it. Hot tub, good meal, and slept like a log. Feels good to be finally on vacation.