Alissa's WindLog for Tuesday May 23, 2006

53rd session in 2006
Sailed at Cole Park, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 16
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: big Bic Vivace
Sail: 6.4 North Disco
Suit: rash guard and pants

52 Kirk having his board stolen put a damper on things, and I made a pass by the house to stash my extra gear there. I did try more big gear and it seemed to work this time (other than needing to find a non-weed fin b/c the Bic is waaay hard to turn with a wave blade). There was a lot of thrashing going on in the water and several times I went through it and saw a school of stingrays kind of gliding with both wing tips above the surface, then taking breaks to go nuts and splash around. I consider no kind of marine frenzy good, feeding or otherwise, so I didn't do much falling after that. Left early and had a good pool workout with the ironmen.