Alissa's WindLog for Monday August 07, 2006

74th session in 2006
Sailed at Kalmus, MA
Wind from the S (mph)
        Average: 23
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: HiFly freeride 88
Sail: 5.8 Naish Boxer
Suit: shorty

71 I had so much fun I sailed for 5 hours. I didn't feel like paying the entry fee at kalmus so I parked at Englewood and tacked across the bay to K. It took probably 20-30 min. Of course I only brought one sail, the 5.8 I got from Peter, and once I rounded the point I was HARDCORE powered up. I had to try duck jibes and everything anyway, and right at the beginning I cannonballed in the mast and bashed my shins like never before--they are still swollen from the ankles to halfway to my knees and it hurts to even get splashed or have the wind blow on them, but even that did not put a damper on how much fun I had. iwindsurf shows a solid 23, gusting to 30. the guys were sailing 5.8 or 5.2 and said they were well powered. I was well in control though and could feel just how far I've come since I learned here--and similar to CC I have started not minding conditions that used to overpower me. I also forgot my uphaul (not that it was necessary today) and broke the rope in one harness line right away but the rubber was still there. when I got to kalmus, Anders gave me some downhaul and I reinforced it--he offered a real harness line too but I didn't feel like dismantling the boom. sailed & chatted with lots of the regulars and saw F make his first spock 540. I got to surf the coolest wave behind the fast ferry, but it was very turbulent. I found my board for $99 this morning and although it was not perfect it's worth the price and worth not sailing on my beginner board, on which I would have wrecked myself in this wind. However the hifly is slick and I didn't bring booties and the shop is closed til tomorrow. So today was a typical adjusting day to different equipment, but I was just so happy to be here I had a big grin the whole time and wanted to stay hours more! Tomorrow looks like dawn patrol.