Alissa's WindLog for Thursday August 10, 2006

76th session in 2006
Sailed at West Dennis, MA
Wind from the SW (mph)
        Average: 20
Rated a 9 of 10

Board: HiFly freeride 88
Sail: 5.8 Naish Boxer
Suit: shorty

73 Phil predicted today better than iwindsurf so luckily I was ready. My parents wanted to go to the beach and did not mind paying the Dennis fee so I brought my stuff in their convenient new minivan. The great thing about WD in high tide is some nice swell by the rock pile which I was never experienced enough to appreciate in past years. My narrow board has become frustrating for many freestyle tricks so I just carved it up on the swell and otherwise stuck to the basics (one handed jumping, DJs, body drags, 360s, helis, and some missed PJs and PTs); otherwise basically just BAFfing it. Water is beautiful and near 80 degrees, but they had just blocked a lot of the beach due to plovers so the windsurfing area is unfortunately cramped at the moment. Got to talk to George but no one else familiar. kalmus is still my favorite. windsurf area photo (aka the sign I wish I could steal)