Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Sunday August 13, 2006

69th session in 2006
Sailed at Girl Island, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 22
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP Realworld Wave 83L
Sail: Ezzy Wave 5.0

Made my first switch-stance in-the-straps duck jibe on my second ever attempt. Skipped the out of the straps version altogether. Still getting too much height and not enough rotation on vulcan attempts. Started putting gflacka attempts into the normal lulls of decent sailing sessions, instead of just trying them during strictly non-planable sessions. Started making UW3's again, after missing all of them yesterday. The trick is to get the mast back upright earlier than I was. Had to hang it up when the padding tore under my toes during a UW3, starting from the padded JP logo in the middle, which is a separate piece of padding. Design issue? I think so. The omnipresent weeds (with no weed fin) aren't as much of an issue this year since I'm no longer giving myself time to accumulate them.