Mark's WindLog for Saturday November 25, 2006

31st session in 2006
Sailed at Windsurf Inc, SPI
Wind from the S (mph)
        Average: 10
Rated a 2 of 10

Board: C145
Sail: 7.5 Severne Gator
Fin: Curtis Weed 44cm
Suit: Boardshorts

Asked if I had had the how to tack the "ABK Way" lecture. I had not, so I listened to Christopher give it with 2 other rookies. Meanwhile, I missed out on the sailing backwinded, and worse, the cool loop and trick lectures. Uncool. I should have been given a choice. Wind is the same crap. Fin getting worn down and dulled from bottom. I had one gybe attempt the whole clinic but did not plane out. Andy saw it and told me to sheet in more on the entry and also draw out the arc more. I worked on tacks since I was never able to plane again. The conditions absolutely suck, especially the Laguna Madre. It is way too shallow of a venue to enjoy anything. I told Andy. I latter got labeled as "crabby." I vowed to drown my sorrow in tequilia (margs). Ate a $20 meal that included two magaritas without alcohol. Bigos Sucks. I even could not get drunk. Par for the course.