Mark's WindLog for Sunday December 31, 2006

36th session in 2006
Sailed at Austin,TX
Rated a 1 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

New Year's Eve and time to reflect back on my 2006 windsurfing season. I am sure since this thing is set up like a spreadsheet and there is a better way to get these stats, but here is what I came up with. 33 days of sailing this year. Up from 27 last year. (up 6 days) 14 days on the C145, 9 days on the Cross 117, 5 days on the ExoWave 105. Only one day on the F175 this year... 22 days of 6-7.5m2, 6 days of =>8.0, 5 days of 5.2m2 or less..all in the Gorge except one day at BIB. One day was the windiest day I ever sailed...and sailed a 3.9m2, the smallest sail I ever have used. 12 days at the Texas coast (3X up), 10 days at my local lake (2 less days). Two vacations this year. Hatteras in the Spring. Gorge in the Summer. Took my first lessons/clinic ever with ABK at SPI. Not as fruitful as I had hoped. Dropped close to 10 lbs. at one time this year. Weigh in @ 240 clothed. I had the scale read 233 once this year. Goal this year is to get it to read 230 once. That will make my 105 liter wave board almost float me without a rig. I am not so sure this goal is achievable. My goal this year of planing consistently out of my gybes, was not realized yet again. I think I am very close. I am dry, just need to get better technique. More TOW. I did learn to tack a short board this year. I would like to get better at this in higher winds and smaller boards. One day I would like to get these fundamentals down and hit the waves... 2007 will be the year my older two kids get windsurfing on their own. This will be a bigger priority. We will see... I wish peace, health, wind and warm days for everyone in 2007...