Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Monday January 01, 2007

1st session in 2007
Sailed at Happy
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: New
Sail: Year!

New Year's Day and time to reflect back on my 2006 windsurfing season (with a tip of the hat to Plunkett.) 95 windlog entries this year. Up from 93 last year. (up 2 entries) 2 days on John?s Go, 1 day on Mark?s ExoWave 105. Tried Mike?s freestyle board once. Plus more days on my boards than can be counted before I get tired of counting. All days were 5.2m2 or less. A lot of days at the Texas coast (too many to count), plus many days at my local lake (too many to count). Only one vacation this year. But what a vacation it was! A lovely summer drive that took Laura, Kai, and me to Phoenix, San Diego, Jalama, Davenport, The Delta, and the Gorge. Took my first ABK clinic at Rio Vista. Very fruitful, but we did not multiply. Learned the old school aerial jibe. Laura too! Learned there?s no hope for me on the vulcans. Learned the gecko loop (non-planing forward.) Kept the same weight all year. Weigh in @ 90 lbs in my thong. I had the scale read 101 once this year when the thong was wet. Goal this year is to stop wearing a thong. My goal this year of forward looping was not realized yet again. I think I am very close. It will happen at Girl Island in the form of a spin loop. That?s where it feels most natural for me, not in the waves or the chop. I did learn to not be afraid of the back loop this year, although I did develop a fear of landing the high ones, and I keep letting go of the kit on those. I?m probably up to 50+ attempts on the back loop. I could easily see myself 1000 attempts into it and still not sailing away from one. One day I would like to do a Ponch/Goiter. It?s really just an aerial push tack in the straps, or a completely aerial Flaka. Piece of cake, really. 2007 will be the year to continue to spread the joy of freestyle. Everybody who embodies the freestyle spirit will receive a complimentary Freestyle Wheat pint glass (if they haven?t already received one.) I also wish peace, health, wind and warm days for everyone in 2007...