Mark's WindLog for Wednesday March 07, 2007 , 9:30p - 5:00p

7th session in 2007
Sailed at Aruba
Wind from the E (mph)
        Lulls: 10
        Average: 20
        Gusts: 25
Rated a 9 of 10

Board: JP Xcite 130
Sail: 6.4 NP Excess
Water Temperature: 78 F
Air Temperature: 80 F

I think this was the best rig option for me so far. The board had a center rear strap instead of the double set-up on most boards. It also had a slightly smaller fin. Wind was a little more consistent today, and I am getting more comfortable with the gusts and the gear. Andy has had to dismantle my gybes, and this has been tough. I can make them all if I do them my way. I just can't plane out of them. Now, can plane out of a few, but I am falling half the time which wears you out. I told him I wanted to hear an ariel lecture, since I missed out on it in SPI. He showed me the jump jibe today. I pulled off several. I did have a harder time doing them on port tack though. I am getting pretty bruised up. Hands are starting to shred and become painful. BUT, nothing broke today!! I might just make it yet...