Hank's WindLog for Tuesday April 03, 2007

1st session in 2007
Sailed at North Flats, SPI
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 18
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: Bic Veloce 298
Sail: 8.3 Windwing Synthesis
Fin: Weed fin
Suit: 3/2 Shorty

After a light wind monday (had to work anyway) I walked out of my motel to see things getting a bit breezy and headed off to the flats. The water was still pretty smooth from the day before but there was a fair amount of wind kicking up from the southeast with the help of the sun. I rigged biggest I could and had a great time planing nonstop on the laguna. After noon, the wind started to pick up and I was nicely overpowered on the same setup absolutely screaming along. On one outbound reach about as far out as I normally go I heard a crraaacckkk and then a split instant later the sail just folded in half with me hitting the water at speed. The mast had broken right above the boom. In fairness it was a 4 year old mast, but it was a warrantee replacement for another (Fiberspar) mast which broke on its first pump in Maui. These things are light but they do seem to be fragile. In any case a kind freestyle gal saw the whole thing and offered to tow me in (thanks!) but I needed to get everything organized. I derigged the unharmed sail and the shredded mast promptly sunk to the bottom. I felt bad about that but the plugs were long gone and it was hard to hold on to it and everything else. Eventually I had everything lashed to the board and commenced a long walk back in the waist deep water (one session previous with this mast I would have been in La Ventana... glad it didn't happen there). Not long after a spring breaker from Louisiana on a jet ski of all things came by and offered to tow me in. So, I sat on the back of the ski and held the back footstrap. That made a tiring hour walk into a 10 minute ride. The guy even offered me a beer. Thanks Dude! Without a mast, my day was over. Went to Phil Money's to check out replacement masts. All the had was heavy 30% carbon but with me lately attempting to wave sail and all the broken masts I've had maybe that will suit me better anyway. Wind died that afternoon, but I'll be ready for next time!