Hank's WindLog for Friday August 24, 2007

43rd session in 2007
Sailed at Hatchery, WA
Wind from the W (mph)
        Lulls: 15
        Average: 19
        Gusts: 30
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: Bic Veloce 298, F2 Wave 259
Sail: 6.5 Ezzy Infinity
Fin: Wave fin, Weed fin
Suit: 3/2 Shorty
Water Temperature: 70 F
Air Temperature: 90 F

Went to Stevenson first but really didn't look like it was going to happen, so headed to the Hatchery where it was already blowing 20. When I got there I was ready to rig up the 6.5 with the wave board, but then the wind dropped, so I grabed the Veloce instead. While all this was happening there was a sailboat race with the upwind marker right in front of the Hatchery, making for some entertainment (two boats actually hit each other at the mark). I went out on the Veloce for a bit, but the chop and swell was just too big. I never try to jump the Veloce, but one swell was just too big, I dropped the rail and the board careened all over the place, sending me over the handlebars in a sweeping looplike motion. Been a long time since that's happened. There must be some way to practice looping if only you could anticipate crashing.... A few more runs later aborted a back loop as gracefully as I could and decided to head in for the smaller board, wind for it or not. The small board was better but I had to really pump it to get going. At the very end of the day the wind jumped up to the point I had to rig the sail flat, then an hour later died completely and I had to swim in. Strange day.