Alissa's WindLog for Sunday November 25, 2007

80th session in 2007
Sailed at SPI inside, TX
Wind from the NW (mph)
        Average: 16
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP 108 freestyle pro 2008
Sail: 5.2 Worldsail '05
Suit: 4/3 steamer

79 It started out really cold again and we decided it would be hard to get wet twice, so we spent the morning doing all lectures/demos. Good ones though...we got the willy skipper (slide the rig like an ice rink), back to back with 4 entries and 3 exits (or something like that), some flakas for Brian (good but I was going on overload & tried to tune it out so as not get confused), sail chi (not really working in the shifts), and by my request the 30-second vulcan lecture recap (s turn, a bounce, jump, slide, etc.). And a great break for a long lunch at the brew pub. So what was the result of all this? We had a great last sesh on the water b/c it was light wind first, then it increased to planing, so we got to do everything. This clinic really worked for me. with some on the water tips on clew placement today, I got really consistant at the push tack and BWDJs. I could do multiple upwind 360s in a row clew first, after having struggled to learn that yesterday. Even getting one handed exits. Learned the duck exit from that move. Came closer on the B2B although I only tried 3x. Good things happening on the fin first transitions and move exits. Then during the planing portion I tried a willy skipper and it turned into more of a sloppy JJ. Still sailed off dry :). Andy said he was impressed but wanted me to change boards (back to my own). He played it off like it was because I needed a weed fin, but I think we was concerned with the safety of his "baby," the brand new JP. On my board practiced S turns. Tried 2 vulcans and Andy called my second a "psuedo vulcan"...which was REALLY exciting. I actually got all the parts right except for the hop (i more levered it than jumped). Well, that's a big part, but still I learned so much about how it's supposed to feel--the feet angled straight, twist, S turn, the 180 with head inside, the sliding backward switch stance in the straps, the rotating the rig from that switch stance position. I can't believe I learned all this in a weekend. My fear of that move is gone, and I'm hoping it won't come back once I get more height. And Laura was right, it's awesome that this clinic got us out on the water having a great time when otherwise I'd have been thinking it was too cold to be outdoors. Over four days I really got used to being a full-time windsurfer....I don't want to readjust back to the real world. My enthusiasm for the sport is totally rejuvinated. And the drive back was awesome...nice sunset, then moonrise, toasty car, and lots of daydreaming.