Mark's WindLog for Tuesday January 01, 2008

1st session in 2008
Sailed at Austin,TX
Rated a 1 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year. Conditions look good in CC this morning, but I am stuck here in Austin. Every year I take a quick look back at the previous year. 37 days (up 4) More days at home this year (21) vs. BIB (only 5?) Only 4 days teaching the kids...Boo! (Got to make it happen. Evan is the perfect age now). 15days - C145 7 days - Cross 117 3 days - F175 2 days - RRD 110 7 days - <6m2 20 days - 6-7.5m2 10 days ->8m2 2 vacations - Aurba, Hatteras Weight sticking at 240 despite running 5-7 mornings/wk. Bought a bigger small board (110 liter). Gybes and tacks still need work, but getting better. Still no surf. Disappointing, but working hard on all of it. I feel I will probably turn a corner this year. I wish peace, health, wind and warm days for everyone in 2008...