Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Monday December 31, 2007

93rd session in 2007
Sailed at Kanaha Parking Lot, Maui
Rated a 1 of 10

Board: Yes, bored
Sail: Goya 5.3

Went to Kanaha boardless since we had dumped the small boards off the prior morning before heading to scary Wailuku (well it's been Billed as scary anyway) for an excrutiating 1000 ft elevation gain in .9 miles hike to the white cross. The excrutiating part was actually on the way down, where my legs were shaking and giving out, and my mind wasn't doing much better. But anyway, the wind started to pick up so we drove to MWC to get a 114L board for me and a 95L board for El since the forecast was for 15. When we got back to K, it was 30 gusting to 35 and I've never seen the tire swing moving so violently with nobody attached to it. It also was raining. Quite hard. But neither that nor the 30+ winds stopped the beginners who were signed up for a lesson from HST from hitting the water. Turns out they were probably cruise ship passengers since they all took taxis when they were done. We sat in the car and watched the beginners come and then go, after their long lesson. We sat in the car and watched other sailors come and go, some rigging, others just deciding to cut their losses. We sat in the car and watched the young couple where the woman was the beginner and bravely went out in the conditions anyway, and then we watched them de-rig and get on with their lives. We sat in the car for long time until the rain somewhat subsided, but unfortunately the wind subsided along with the rain. We sat in the car... Then I decided to make a commitment by having El go get the bigger boards again while I rigged. That's right, I said the bigger boards again. That's possible because at some point during this, we actually drove back and exchanged the bigger ones for the smaller ones since it was so windy. But it's all a blur now and the details are sketchy. Ellie can't remember either. Must have been too traumatic. So anyway as I'm rigging the torrential rains come back and I eventually think to prop the still boomless but downhauled 5.0 up in the tree to create a shelter. E took forever to get back, apparently because she was stuck in an Austin Powers moment with the van trying to turn around by moving forwards and backwards with only inches to move on either side. The guy at MWC must've been tired of all this board indecision since he told her to keep both the big boards and the small ones this time. So there I am, standing under the 5.0 propped in the tree, all alone, except for the chickens, the roosters, and the homeless that the chickens and roosters eat for dinner. El came back, and we hung out in the van some more, because it just might happen. It didn't happen, so by 4:00 we dumped the gear back at MWC, and headed out for some PDSB and PDSG. Tried the Ale House or whatever in Kahalui, but that looked depressing and loud and footbally. Decided to go to Paia and hang until our 10:00 flight. It's days like this that allow your mind to explore the possibility that this sport is truly an addiction. PDSB: Pipeline Porter @ PDSG: Flatbread Paia - got the one with the caramelized onions and sauce. Yummy, not overcooked like earlier in the week. You gotta go when the oven tender is not the guy who likes to socialize instead of tending the oven.