Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Saturday January 05, 2008

1st session in 2008
Sailed at Girl Island, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Lulls: 10
        Average: 15
        Gusts: 20
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: '04 Starboard Trance 94l, '07 JP Freestyle 100, Star
Sail: '06 Ezzy Wave 5.2
Suit: Full
Water Temperature: 60 F
Air Temperature: 74 F

Did some Go for awhile, then tried some Geckos on the bionic Gecko-proofed Trance (thanks to Don Jackson the board is stronger than the day it left the factory) for some time, then the wind finally gave me the nod to go retrieve the debutante from the bag in the back of the van. Wasn't sure if I really wanted to get it wet, but what the heck. The board definitely lives up to it's early planing claims. At first I didn't want to try anything, not even a jibe, because of my fascination with shiny new objects. I just wanted to stare down admiringly at my baby skimming across the water. I quickly got over that, but then was paralyzed by indecision on what should be the first move to try on the new board. I was forced to quickly get over that when an island got in the way. Tried a push tack. Flubbed it. Oh well. On the way back starboard, I tried a vulcan. The board pops easily, and doesn't feel too big in the air like the 104 Joker did. Woohoo! Landed 90 degrees around (according to A) which I guess should be just about enough with the slidey fin and slidey tail. Just need to extend the back leg on landing maybe. Tomorrow should rock. I'm thinking that I should be donning my neoprene looping hood (or hat) and trying a couple at Girl. PSB: Sam Adams Holiday Porter, Sierra Nevada Porter, Sam Adams Honey Porter PSG: Where else but B&Js with A,E,and lots of triathlon types?