Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Monday February 18, 2008

15th session in 2008
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the NE (mph)
        Average: 26
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: '05 JP Realworld Wave 83L, F2 Maui Project Wave 72
Sail: '06 Ezzy Wave 4.2, '06 Ezzy Wave 4.7
Suit: Full w/Exo Top & hood

Used all combinations of these boards and sails (5.2, 4.7, 4.2) except for the two extreme combinations. Olivier mentioned table tops on port, and i hadn't ever tried that, so I thought I should. My torso didn't seem to want to bend in that direction, and it didn't bend far, but that small movement outside of the comfort zone seemed to break me out of my shell of only being able to jump on port in beginner mode; that is, with my weight back and the nose straight up. Subsequent jumps had me bearing off, jumping flat, keeping my weight over the board, and sheeting in slightly. Breakthrough day on port jumping! O also taught me wind that appears side shore can actually be side-on riding if the waves are coming in at an angle, which they were. This was his explanation of the cause of my not being able to maintain speed when going frontside. Waves were decent sized, but you could only rarely get 3 frontside turns in max, but mostly just 1 or 2 turns. Just me, L, O, and K sailing. Bloopas: 2 port Floopas: 0, i'm a loser YTD Bloopas: 1 starboard, 2 port YTD Floopas: .33 starboard, 0 port