Alissa's WindLog for Wednesday August 13, 2008

67th session in 2008
Sailed at Seagull Beach, MA
Wind from the WSW (mph)
        Average: 17
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: JP freewave 84L
Sail: 5.8 Naish Boxer
Suit: shorty

Thank you wind, for fitting perfectly into my schedule. I was off cape for much of the day and nothing was forecast, but right when we got back the trees started moving. A check of IW showed 20-21 mph. Due to time issues (dinner plans) I was not going to drive to kalmus or wd but rather stick with a yarmouth beach, which tends to be a bit dicey b/c yarmouth does not have a windsurfer-friendly beach. I was vacillating between going to Englewood and the end I opted for better wind at seagull, also b/c the lifeguards were off duty by then. I rigged sorta clandestinely on the access road by Parker's River and did a quick launch through the swim area. No problems. Actually the people on the beach and the parasailors seemed to find me entertaining, waving and stuff, so it was all good and no one seemed annoyed.

On the water, the chop was a bit unorganized, but still some decent ramps to be found. Occasionally I had to clear some weeds. Later the wind dipped a bit to marginal levels and I worked on some nose tacks, etc. Still fun b/c I'm enjoying the heck out of the water--it's actually a pleasure falling in. I think I just love the temperature and color of it. Saw a kite at wd in the distance and wished I had some company--I know windsurfers would be out there too. Still overall a wicked awesome sesh--what else did you expect :)