Alissa's WindLog for Monday August 18, 2008

68th session in 2008
Sailed at West Dennis, MA
Wind from the SW (mph)
        Average: 15
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP freewave 84L
Sail: 5.8 Naish Boxer
Suit: shorty

My parents wanted to take me windsurfing for my last day here. How awesome are they? Their schedule did not overlap with the planing wind portion of the day, but that didn't detract from the fun factor. I had one of those super high energy light wind freestyle sessions, the kind where you totally get into a rhythm and feel really ON, like you're sticking to the board and learning stuff and getting a workout and having a great time all at once. I even did plane a few times.

I made up a new move where you switch to clew first, bear off, and exit by pivoting and ducking under your forward arm. I didn't sail away from any but felt moderately close. I also had a first where I put my hair into an elastic while sailing (yes--that's freestyle--that hands-free practice really was good for something). Sometimes I was just sailing far out into the deep blue part of the water and jumping off and diving way down, looking around and just loving the perfect temperature of the water and the day. I love it here...not better than Corpus, just in a different way. I feel so lucky to have lived in two amazing places with such different sorts of sailing and fun to be had in both. I had not sailed at WD yet this trip, so it was sad leaving and telling people goodbye and see you next year when we'd only just said hello a few hours before.

One note on this Naish sail. I hated it at first, and the pocket is too big for real freestyle I think, but it's slowly been growing on me. I like the low-end power that helps me waterstart in next to nothing, and it does get me onto a plane faster than anything else I have. So it's working well for me here. I need to read this log next year to remind myself of that before I come back and figure out what to rig.

I'm hoping to catch some leftover energy from the current hurricane when I get back, barring any flight delays from that same system. Anyways, here's a photo of me chatting with my dad in the water today.