Alissa's WindLog for Monday October 13, 2008

78th session in 2008
Rated a 10 of 10

I had my third kiting trip today, and the first one where we went into the water. We did body dragging, dipping the kite, then dipping the kite with the board on. The board on part was the best but there was just this really brief window where I could try before I got too far downwind and close to the rocks. Maybe because the wind was pretty onshore today, not the usual direction. So I was getting up once, then falling, then walking right back upwind, which we did three times. Then the sun went down. So it seemed to have potential, I just need to try more. Jenn is very nice to want to teach me. I still don't want to really judge it compared with windsurfing because I feel like I need to get riding first to give it a fair assessment.

PS stupid windows update is practically freezing my computer right now; so much for me filling in the data for today because it won't let me, but pretty much I was on a 7 meter kite in around 18-20 mph. Windows lulls you into this sense of false security where you've had a couple relatively painless and benign windows updates in a row, so you just mindlessly start saying ok to whatever update they recommend, then all of a sudden you're downloading like service pack 3 or something, and your machine seizes up, and even once it recovers and you get on with your stuff, you get this message that your computer will automatically restart in 5 minutes unless you click that little thing, so you click it, but the same little thing starts popping up every 5 minutes so finally you have to either deal with that or stop everything you're doing. So I've been thinking of switching to mac and stuff like this doesn't help.