Alissa's WindLog for Saturday November 15, 2008

85th session in 2008
Sailed at S. Packery, TX
Wind from the NNW (mph)
        Average: 28
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Logosz 67L, mistral syncro fish '06 77
Sail: 3.7 Worldsail surge '08
Suit: 4/3 steamer

This was one of the least fun days in recent memory, but luckily, I still ended with a good feeling because it's just so great to get out there and enjoy the gulf and the weather. The wind was about as squirrely as I've ever seen it here. I dont think I had one jump, not one smooth jibe, not one freestyle attempt of any sort, and I even got worked in the shorebreak for a while....I cant remember any one of those things happening recently, much less all four, in a single session. Oh well, it happens, and it makes me appreciate the good days. the good friends , warm water, and beautiful blue sky still made it worthwhile.