L Bell McFancyPants's WindLog for Monday January 19, 2009

10th session in 2009
Sailed at Windy Point, TX
Wind from the N (mph)
        Lulls: 10
        Average: 22
        Gusts: 30
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: JP Realworld Wave 83
Sail: Ezzy Wave 4.2, Ezzy Wave 5.2
Fin: Yes
Suit: Full with cap

A fun, full-power day. Wish it could have been like this for Mike and Mark yesterday. Enjoyed the short boom on the 4.2. It made ducking a cinch. Some ramps, but I wasn't lining up quite right with them. Some mega-power gusts. At the end it was quite holey and my toes were numb, so we called it a day.