Alissa's WindLog for Tuesday January 27, 2009

4th session in 2009
Sailed at Cole Park, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 24
Rated a 4 of 10

Board: mistral syncro fish '06 77
Sail: 4.2 Worldsail surge '08
Suit: 4/3 steamer

Today was a time crunch due to work, and very gusty conditions on the bay. I probably rigged exactly for the median wind, but would have been better on the big board to at least not stop so much in the lulls. It was great to try the JP/4.2 combo, probably about the best gear i own, all together, It felt very light! I can also see why Trina may have not liked this board so much for flatter water,'s definitely made for waves. It felt overly loose and not natural holding an edge in a straight line. It was also very slow and not a high jumper, maybe due to the slower speeds. Not complaining, though! Just those few jibes on swells gave a hint of how well it works in the proper conditions.

Hoping for dawn patrol tomorrow but I'll have to make the call very early...maybe too early to really make a good decision. But let's hope for N or NE and no lightning.