Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Saturday April 04, 2009

34th session in 2009
Sailed at Nash Burnfist Point, TX
Wind from the SSE (mph)
        Lulls: 1
        Average: 5
        Gusts: 12
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: '07 JP Freestyle 100
Sail: '08 NP Expression 5.7
Suit: Full

Was enticed out by the 17-22 that was goin' on around about 10am. I got there, but it didn't look planable, so I did some chores (unstick stuck mast base, sort out masts, place masts in proper bags, air out potentially stinky things from the day before, rig the 5.7, lie down in the back of the van and read Tricktionary 1, dream about living in the back of the van, etc.) L showed up and we hung out in the back of the van and sang Olivia Newton John songs in the back of the van and dreamed about living in the back of the van, especially since our refrigerator at home was empty, so we figured it was probably a good time to sell the house.

Went out anyway, determined to master the nose sink push tack which i didn't yet have. Eventually, occasionally there was enough wind to do that.

Back at home, cancelled the appointment with the realtor when L got back from the grocery store.