L Bell McFancyPants's WindLog for Wednesday April 08, 2009

39th session in 2009
Sailed at Windy Point, TX
Wind from the SSE (mph)
        Lulls: 15
        Average: 17
        Gusts: 20
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: 08 JP Freestyle 99L
Sail: my NeilPryde Expression 5.7
Fin: Yes
Suit: fleecy long sleeve top with bikini

The gorgeous sunshine put the idea of shedding the wetsuit for the season into my head, but  I may have shed the wetsuit a bit too early, as my choice in apparel caused me to not want to fall in too often. At first I schlogged around, I even sailed upwind of the island seeking out more wind.  I found it and brought it back to the vulcanatorium. From then on we rocked out in the smooth water, with B making V after V and me ducking and laying down. 

P.S. I did, of course, fall in eventually and it really wasn't as bad as I expected. I never really felt too cold.