Alissa's WindLog for Sunday July 05, 2009

39th session in 2009
Sailed at Kalmus, MA
Wind from the WSW (mph)
        Average: 24
Rated a 10 of 10

Suit: shorty

So excited to sail back home again. Perfect Kalmus day--outgoing tide, plenty of wind, great direction, great holiday weekend crowd so i got to see all the familiar faces--although I did not have the perfect gear. My old board down here is waaaaay heavy and my 5.2 had me pretty overpowered for the conditions (freestyle guys were on 4.7). I did have offers to borrow stuff but did not want to go to anyone's house to pick it up--to anxious to get on the water, finally!! I did make to to MiniMaui off Point Gammon, chased some fast ferries, did some spins, got splashed by Fred doing laydown jibes around me....all the usual Kalmus stuff...well except for sitting on the granite bench, b/c I was too excited to stay still for long. Temps felt a little chilly at first--water in the mid 60s, air around 70, cloud cover, and stiff breeze--but i was toasty warm due to my shorty and excitement level. Probably the highlight of my trip, and i only wish I could have gotten out more but we had so many plans and too little time :(