Hank's WindLog for Sunday September 13, 2009

63rd session in 2009
Sailed at Doug's Beach, WA
Wind from the W (mph)
        Lulls: 25
        Average: 30
        Gusts: 42
Rated a 7 of 10

Sail: 4.5 Gaastra Poison
Suit: 3/2 Full
Water Temperature: 72 F
Air Temperature: 80 F

Demoed a Naish Global Freeride 94 from Big Winds due to my Kode being in for warranty. It came with a huge fin, which I didn't realize until I couldn't fit it into the car without turning the thing sidewise--35 cm blade versus my 6.5 inch wave fin I usually ride. Got to Dougs and it looked light, but it was blowing in Hood River and set to move east, so with the huge fin I put a 4.5 on instead of the 5.0 and went out. Wind picked up over the session. The fin was big but didn't have that much surface, so I never really felt it wanting to flip. But it did feel slow. On the other hand I never spun out. The board didn't have as much volume back as my Kode--reminded me more of my old F2. Hard to plane up but stuck to the water well once going. By the end of the day the wind was gusting into the 40s and not so softly. Swell sometimes but never very organized because of the flukey wind. Had two slogapults in a row (pump pump ack). But still fun!