Mark's WindLog for Thursday December 31, 2009

81st session in 2009
Sailed at Austin,TX
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Another year has past. I thought I might get to an even 80 days this year, but the cold front today arrived an hour too late. I want to thank Hans again for creating this nice windlog with the cool stat feature. It is always of interest for me to look at the real numbers every year, as my mind's remembrance feature has a habit of distorting the truth.

79 days! Up 23 days. Amazing. This was only made possible with a mind shift away from planing = fun. I really had fun learning more LWF this year. I will always want to plane, but for now, I am more interested in developing better skills. Utilizing LWF makes disappointing weather not as bad, and makes good weather even better. I really feel I am getting better because of it. Surprisingly, it really can be fun, plus it is good exercise for the mind and body. I credit Brian, Laura, and Mike for learning this.

That said, disappointedly, I did not pull off a Vulcan. I would estimate that 20-25% of my days were actual fully planing wind. I did get to sliding backwards briefly this summer. I regressed later after I broke my second carbon boom and had a long patch of bad luck with wind. I think I am getting back on track, and hopefully this year will be the year. I also hope to pull the trigger on my first loop attempt as well as wavesail more this year.

60% of my days were on my Quatro. If you are going to get a custom, you might as well use it! I really tried to like my Naish FS, but it never had the float of its stated volume. The flat deck was uncomfortable and led me to get footstrap sores on my feet. I never liked it in choppy conditions too since it had so little nose rocker. I am stoked to score Mike's Skate 107TE this year. I have already sailed it in rougher conditions recently and it felt great! It is ridiculously light (as was the Naish), and truthfully, I am a little worried I may snap it. For that reason, I am going to hang on to my RRD FSW for now. The most fun board I sailed was without a doubt the RRD Wavetwin 99 (It was in the most fun venue too).

50% Windy Point, 30% in Corpus. 44% of the days I wore a wetsuit of some kind?? By far, the coolest thing I did this year was go to PSC with my friends. I look forward to going again in 2010.

I would say it is 40/60 that Evan(11) will learn/like to windsurf at all. He did make progress this year. He is getting big. Time to take him to BIB and bribe him with BBQ from Luling. Too bad Angela's summer camp was mid-week this year. He needs some peers to help him take ownership of it. Maybe next year.

I wish peace, health, warm windy days for everyone in MMX.