Alissa's WindLog for Sunday January 24, 2010

1st session in 2010
Sailed at Poenisch Park, TX
Wind from the WNW (mph)
        Average: 27
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: JP radical wave 65L
Sail: 3.7 Worldsail surge '08
Suit: neil pryde 5/3 slickskin 2010

For windsurfing style points, I think I got my first ever 10. Had on my brand new wetsuit (WOW the slickskin keeps you warm), my still-shiny 3.7, my red and gray HPL boom that actually matches the 3.7 (albeit by accident), and the wave board i bought from Trina. It was the first time all my equipment felt somewhat matching and modern! Did I have any more fun than I used to? :). still just as much fun. But it's nice having gear I feel like will last me a while.

As for skill points....I'm slightly rusty, but not very. It's like riding a bike. Just a lot better!