Mark's WindLog for Tuesday May 11, 2010

28th session in 2010
Sailed at Barton's, Waves NC
Wind from the ESE (mph)
        Lulls: 5
        Average: 10
        Gusts: 15
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: RRD FSW 110
Sail: 3.2 Hot Micro SO
Fin: JP FSW 29cm
Suit: O'Neill 3/2 Psycho 2
Air Temperature: 68 F

I took Evan to sail. He tried out my RRD FSW 110 and his new MicroSO. He did pretty well staying upwind with no center fin in a direct offshore breeze. He had fun and did not really want to stop. I took this as a good sign. I am excited for him going to WW Summer camp this year. I hope he has a blast.