L Bell McFancyPants's WindLog for Wednesday June 30, 2010

51st session in 2010
Sailed at The Hatch, WA
Wind from the W (mph)
        Average: 17
        Gusts: 21
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: RRD WaveCult 77L
Sail: NeilPryde Firefly 4.9
Fin: Yes
Suit: Full

LOOOVVVEEE sailing in the Gorge!!!!  The fact that the wind was a tad bit on the light side (although thanks to the current, I was perfectly fine using what is now my small board -77L) made for completely uncrowded water, which lent itself to fun swell rides. I really like this board/sail combo. A perfect start to the vacation. The only down side was seeing Mark stuck on the picnic bench since his gear took an alternate vacation on a plane to who knows where. Thankfully it was delivered this afternoon. Also, Brian was only out for a tiny bit. And of course we miss Mike.