Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Sunday August 08, 2010

66th session in 2010
Sailed at Girl Island, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 17
        Gusts: 23
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: '07 JP Freestyle 100
Sail: Her 08 NP Expression 5.7

It was good to see Mark. Even though he ran into me when I told him to slow down once when he was planing and I wasn't. Laura and I almost ran into each other too once. I'd go left, and she'd go right. (Headed for collision.) Then, she'd go left, and I'd go right. (Headed for collision again.) Then, she'd go right, while I went left. On and on like this it went until such time as we didn't collide and all was well with the matter well behind us. We smiled and laughed about it.

Tried some more Culo/Bob/Funnel entries. Mark saw this and asked something like "what's the right bearing for trying that?" and then I was all like "I don't know".

Still looking for the S540 on the big gear in these non-perfect conditions. Realized yesterday or today that I was trying to lean too hard into the spin for these conditions. I think I may have internalized this hard lean by watching the video of my 2nd S540 just a few too many times. I don't know how many times. 1000 times? I think it's enough. I want to go sail port tack. With Victor. (cut to music)

Still have "Too Many Ducks on the Dance Floor" embedded in my head. "Going to the party. Sippin' on Barcardi..."