Alissa's WindLog for Sunday December 12, 2010

40th session in 2010
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the N (mph)
        Average: 25
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP real world wave 83L
Sail: 4.7 Worldsail surge
Suit: neil pryde 5/3 slickskin 2010

My first time trying out mittens had me pondering the need for individual fingers in windsurfing. I kept borderline freaking out during the first few maneuvers, thinking I wasn't going to be able to grab the mast or boom, but I always could and I realized that mittens work just fine. It wasn't cold enough to test whether they really keep you warmer, but they seem promising. 

Today was soooooo much fun. An 11! A few things MADE this day. Great setup--you could take one wave all the way in. Lots of talented wave sailors there. B&L, Mike, Olivier, Enes, Bruno. Plenty of waves and good sets to go around. The fact that after I came in to the beach thinking the wind had died for good, it turned out to have just been a lull, and I rushed back out for more. Mike (and Julie) saved my session by having Julie's harness that I could borrow when I forgot mine. It wasn't even that cold. The day was forgiving--either that or I just got lucky--because I was riding some of those sets waaaaay too close in to the pier, like do-or-die-jibe-close, and I always made the jibe. But I also think the current wasn't ripping as much as it does sometimes. Ken was great to stand out on the pier and take photos. First wave sailing photos I've had of myself....ever?? Followed by hysterical mariachi breakfast and a walk to look for the alligator. I'm having a tough time aggressively wave riding on the RWW, but I think that board is not made for that purpose, plus the photos showed my weight may be too far back on the cutbacks, so that doesn't help. I need to improve my technique. This calls for more wave sailing!