Mark's WindLog for Friday December 31, 2010

66th session in 2010
Rated a 6 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! This is the time when I reflect on the sailing I did last year. 64 days this year, unfortunately, down 15 days compared to last year. 60% of my days were locally sailed, and 17% in CC. That means I traveled less to the coast this year. I think fewer classic south wind days, and poor coordination with work and family obligations were responsible for this. As far as total full-planing days go, it was about the same 25%. I made three windsurfing trips this year, Bonaire, Hatteras, and The Gorge. I traveled with my own gear this year for the first time for all three trips and did not have to rent this year. 27% of those days were full-power, but The Gorge definitely delivered with 4/5 days of 20 mph plus. Interesting trend this year was a reduction in my most often used board volume and largest sail despite no change in average wind strength. I also got a GoPro for Christmas last year and so I started to video log for the first time.

Highs: Dialing in my gear with a new custom freestyle board, and taking my kids to summer (Worldwinds) windsurfing camp.

Lows: Delamination of my custom Quatro, no vulcans landed in 2010 (still a long way away).

I am looking forward to more great days with my friends in 2011!