Mark's WindLog for Saturday December 31, 2011

52nd session in 2011
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Not a very good year windsurfing for me. 50 sessions, down another 15 from last year. 10% at the coast (only one in the waves), 85% here. I made only one windsurfing trip this year, a brief five days in The Gorge this summer. Most of the days there, unfortunately, were marginal except one. It is still a beautiful place, and I did have fun hanging with B&L and Bill. No Hatteras trip with my family in the spring. A lot of our time and resources were used up in our move this year. B&L sailed 100% more and Bill 50% more than me in 2011. I hope I can do better in 2012. I did participate in an ABK clinic this spring. We got some pretty good wind for this clinic, but I was disappointed I did not get much more out of it. I have made absolutely no progress on vulcans this year. It was not from lack of trying hard. The worst part was almost losing my livelihood on a hooked-in vulcan attempt in the end of May. I almost flushed two decades of education and work down the drain. Fortunately, I did recover, but I do have a few subtle reminders that I am very lucky to be here. A reality check on how many people depend on me, and to get my priorities in order. The best part of the year was watching my kids attend another kids clinic at Worldwinds. The boys did not get very good weather for it, but they did make progress. We really had some great quality time over that weekend. I have my doubts they will ever really take to windsurfing. It is a hard sport, and you have to be very self-motivated. Their interests lie elsewhere.