Mark's WindLog for Saturday June 02, 2012 , 2:00p - 6:00p

37th session in 2012
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Lulls: 15
        Average: 20
        Gusts: 28
Rated a 9 of 10

Board: Choco custom Rodeo Maschina 125
Sail: 5.3 Severne S-1, 6.3 Severne S-1
Fin: Choco Starfish 22cm
Suit: Boardshorts
Water Temperature: 90 F
Air Temperature: 95 F

Worth the trip! The forecast was for very late wind, and for wind in the teens. It was 18mph gusting to the low 20s when I got there. Olivier suggested the 6.3m2 over the 5.9m2, but said it was better out on the water. He was sailing slalom gear.

It was a solid 20mph with good gusts. Planing was no problem. 6.3m2 may have been a little too big. Very fun conditions today.

I forgot to charge the GoPro. I tried a few new ideas on vulcan attempts. I tried to take off a little more downwind and push my front hand forward on the pop. This still had me crashing out the back door, but my feet stayed in the straps. All was good until I got a solid forceful hooked-in crash. This seems to happen when I am more committed to staying over the board on take off.

I saw Brian pull off his first Spock 540 on his weak side. I guess he does not have a weak side any more.

When I came in for my first break, and I saw Mo at the beach. He asked if I learned anything new today. Of course I admitted I had not, and I reflected it has been a long time since I have pulled off anything new.

Inspired by this, I went back out and decided to work on DW360s in the straps instead of vulcans. I did try a couple of more vulcan attempts, at first, and the second one I tried felt pretty good. Very good rotation and a short slide of sorts, but still a back door crash in the straps.

Finally, after many attempts, I pulled off a DW360 in the straps. One cool thing was, because it was windy, I was quickly planing after completing it so I tried another one immediately, and I was able to complete it too. The other cool thing was, because of the angle of the sun and tight radius, I was able to see the spray coming off the tail on the carve. Unfortunately, after this, they became elusive.

I saw Laura attempting backwind jibes near the shore, so I decided that I would try the planing variety. I have been able to do non-planing ones for a while. I pulled off two. But they became elusive too (I guess I was tired).

At the end of the day, I tried out my new Quad and my 5.3m2 to see how much float it had. I was also interested if I could potentially uphaul it in a pinch. It just floats me. The wind was light, and I did all my LWF tricks on it after I got comfortable. Now, I am ready for The Gorge or the Beach without total fear of having to swim it.