Buck McRockbuff's WindLog for Thursday May 27, 2004

4th session in 2004
Sailed at Windy Point
Wind from the S (mph)
        Lulls: 5
        Average: 10
        Gusts: 14
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Mike's Lab Course ~150 liters
Sail: North 4.4, North 6.4 Disco
Fin: Yes
Suit: None
Water Temperature: 73 F
Air Temperature: 88 F

By the time we got to the lake, the wind was pretty much gone. Talked Laura into trying back-winded sailing on the 4.4, which she did pretty well. Next she'll try helitacks. She also decided to work on duck jibes, and did pretty well considering the light wind. I practiced light wind stuff. Tried a duck tack for the first time. The 6.4 was too big for this, and then tried it very unsuccessfully with the 4.4. Post-sailing beer: Real Ale Pale